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Tree Care Service in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley

Trees are a valuable part of nature. From providing oxygen to creating a habitation for the fauna, the value of trees can be measured in many different ways. But like any asset, the value doesn’t increase without proper care and attention. A proper care structure is often created earlier in a tree’s life, however, a structural framework adds to the longevity and strength of the tree. At Ninja Tree Services, we strive to ensure the health of trees by offering specific solution for your tree care needs in Kelowna. From cabling and bracing to fertilization and tree planting, we offer a range of services for our clients.


Our specialties include:

Tree Pruning

In the forest, trees play by their own rules. They spread their limbs out, stretch their branches as far as they can and send their old, withered limbs down to the floor in a freefall. However in our backyards and streets, they don’t have quite as much freedom. Imagine a dead branch falling from a tree, endangering people, buildings and powerlines! We can’t take such a risk! That’s where pruning comes in. Pruning is the practice of removing specific branches or parts from a tree, and allowing room for new and healthy growth. It deters pest and animal infestation, encourages healthy fruit and flower production, and improves the aesthetics of your property. Regular pruning also reduces the risk of storm damage to structures, protects your family and neighbours from falling branches.

Tree Pruning Before

before cut

Tree Pruning After

after cut

Tree Installation

Want to plant a tree? Leave it to us. As certified arborists, we provide comprehensive tree installation service, from conceptualization to post-planting care. We work closely with our clients to plant species that thrive in the landscape, factoring in local climatic conditions, soil conditions and similar factors.


Repair and Replacement

Has the largest tree in your yard been uprooted after a violent storm? Ninja Tree Services offers 24/7 emergency service across the Okanagan Valley. Discoloured leaves, fungus growth, bare branches and missing bark from a tree trunk are some signs of a much larger problem. Save time and money by calling our ninjas for help. We also have the right equipment and tools to transplant existing trees so that they can continue to grow for years to come.


Fertilization & Soil Amendment

A healthy tree is a fertilized tree. Year by year we rake away the natural decomposition mother nature naturally deposits. If you notice your tree is losing vigour and vitality we can help. We can visit your location and provide a full assessment of your tree(s) and soil conditions. Often just a few simple corrections can return the organism at question to health.


A healthy tree has a way better chance of fighting age ,disease and infestation. We will offer the best possible solution.


To learn more about our tree care service, please contact us. We offer free estimates on initial consultations.


How Can the Tree Ninjas Help?

From pruning and installation to repair and replacement, rely on us for quality tree care service.

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